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3 · minute · fiction

Somewhere in season 2…

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“Easy luv”, Spike leered at Buffy & the gang blocking his exit from the room. “You sure you want to spend time chasing after me, when my boy is out there?”

“Pretty sure, Spike. We’ll deal with you, and then we’ll deal with your pal.”

“Well, that’s the thing isn’t it. We could waste time trying to get me. And I say trying, cos I’m pretty confident that I can kill most of you – but haven’t you worked out what he’s doing?”

Xander shouted with more bravura then he felt “Why shouldn’t we bother chasing you then, you.. you…” he paused momentarily lost “You… evil... creature of the night” he finished lamely.

Willow piped up “I mean, we know your guy is a necromancer, but he’s nowhere near any graves or cemeteries”

“Well then, the brainbox speaks”. Spike kept circling around trying to get to the window.

“Here’s a hint, luv, the guys & I got to watching Jurassic Park yesterday. Bloody impressive if you ask me – none of those stop motion effects from the 60’s. Does that help?”

Giles frowned, realising where this was heading.

Xander blinked, confused. “He’s going to resurrect Ray Harryhausen? But he’s not dead!”

Spike paused, momentarily non-plussed. “He’s going to Sunnydale natural history museum because you need is a link to the body – or bodies in this case. You can only stop one of us, I’d say. So, either me, or the man whose about to create a herd of undead T-Rexes and diplo… dip.. bloody large arsed long necked beasties”

He lit a cigarette and judged the distance to the window, just in case. “Your call, Slayer”
* * *