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3 · minute · fiction

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* * *

The hunter stood, exhausted, over the now-slain body of the mammoth-like creature. Spear raised. Waiting.

On cue, golden glow covered the body, then, as the light cleared, a new mammoth-creature, similar, but noticeably different, clambered unsteadily to its feet.

The hunter skewered it again, mentally counting the number of times left to go.

Vegetarianism developed early on Gallifrey

* * *
Snapes oddly flat voice bellowed out across the common room. Ron reluctantly stood, wide eyed in anticipation before the approaching black-clad form. “Yessir? Whatsir? WhaveIdonesir?”
Snape sneered, his hollow voice carrying clearly across the room. “Where did you get that from?” He pointed.
Ron brightened. “Oh, sir, It’s a muggle device. Its called ah...” He closed his eyes trying to remember “ A …Scalextrice” He finished with a flourish, as his voice stumbled over the unfamiliar words. “You squeeze on these controls and the carriages sort of race… around” his voice petered out, withering under Snapes implacable gaze.
“Its not on the list of approved games” A ghost a of a smile. “I shall have to confiscate it”
Ron spluttered. “But sir! There’s no magic in it! And its been in the family for years!”
Snape looked, if possible, even less impressed. “Really?” he intoned flatly.
“Yes, sir! My dad tells me that when he was young, he exchanged it, like years ago, for his dads copy of Jumanji..!”
* * *
A shot rang out, loud within the space of the reactor control room, and, with a look of infinite surprise he fell, his pockets spilling ultra-tech gadgets as he collapsed into an untidy heap.
Abandoning the reactor controls, the futuristically clad woman reached for him, tears in her eyes. “Can you hear me? Speak to me!”
He smiled and looked with her, using the last of his strength. “Don’t worry. This isn’t my first time”
A golden glow suffused the air and she was forced to shield her eyes from his regeneration. Bathed within, she could make out his face & form changing.
The light faded and she gaped at the younger man
“Can you hear me? Can… Can you tell me your name?”
The new man fixed her with a piercing gaze – both familiar and new. “Yes, Yes I can hear you”
“And your name?”
He smiled, his voice finding new strength. “Bond. James Bond.”

* * *
With a decisive flick of the wrist, Buffy turned the TV off, severing the announcement in mid flow. ‘Giles, what do you mean, we have no books on this? ‘

Giles removed his glasses in his peculiar mannerism. ‘Well, you see, this apocalypse… its not part something the council ever… expected’. His voice petered out.

Xander turned from the now-blank TV. ‘Mongolians? What? What have we done to Mongolia?’

Ignoring him, Buffy continued ‘So you say that its entirely natural?’

Giles paused, momentarily lost in thought. ‘Well, not natural entirely, but not explicitly supernatural.’

‘So they’re vulnerable to magic?’

A pause. ‘ Um. Yes. Yes, I, I can’t see why not. At least there are no indications why it should be immune to the mystic forces.’

Buffy smiled, a half grimace on her face. ‘Worth a try then. Can you & Willow cook something up then? The rest of us, well, we’ll the fort, whilst you do something against Mr Ming and the Mongolians.’

‘Mongans’ Dawn, corrected, ‘and its Emperor’.

Buffy deferred to her sister ‘Sorry, Emperor Ming and the Mongolians’
* * *
The Doctor gently closed the door to his laboratory and broke the news to the Brigadier & Captain Yates. "I’m sorry, my dear fellows, but the time has come for me to leave. UNIT will just have to continue its mission without me"
Yates gaped in surprise whilst the Brigadier covered his sadness with bluster.
With manners better suited to another time, the Doctor gently murmured ‘Its no good, old chap, but you must recognise that, the rogue members of my kind - the Master & Omega - have been dealt with and the ancient threat posed by… what did you call them – the Silurians?. Well, these have all been dealt with. Simply put, my people want me to return'
The Brigadier sighed and bowed his head ‘Will you visit? And will you look the same when you come back?”
“I’ll probably pop in from time to time, but I almost certainly wont look the same”. He smiled his infuriating smile “I shall miss you funny, strange, infuriating creatures, with all your flaws, odd forms and strange attitude towards ‘science’”
“So. You are returning to Gallifrey?”
Well, that’s one name for it. Personally I prefer ‘Yith’.
* * *
* * *
Cackling with glee, the villain taunted his captor ‘So, Doctor! Finally we shall peer into your soul!’ Barely tuning his head he called to an attendant ‘Bring it in!’
Burly guards brought in a rather tatty looking item and, firmly holding the Doctor, placed it on his head.
A wizened voice spoke, ancient, as though it were dealing with the burden of years.
“…Hmm. A Tricky one. Slytherin, perhaps?”
Cast: The doctor. The Sorting Hat. A generic villain, plus guards.

* * *
The man in the trenchcoat pulled his trigger twice in rapid succession, gunning down a Boomer and a Six.

"Thirty seven thousand, four hundred and eighteen", muttered Deckard to himself as he ran down the next corridor.

* * *
With apologies for any double-posting, the following came to me as I was driving to work this morning:

New writing (on a new blog)

* * *
Shrieking, Stormbringer cut into the Vampire's side, sending him spinning to the floor.

Elric howled in triumph. "My blade has tasted your flesh, monster! Your soul is mine!"

Angel fell, wincing. Angelus stood up, grinning. "Can you guess which word in there you probably shouldn't have said?"

* * *
Elric had known that something was wrong after the peculiar encounter on Nowwhat. Slaughter was often something of a blur, but he remembered killing the funny little man in the dressing gown, the two-headed loon and the metal man. Mere hours later here he was, pursued by vile monstrosities and unable to effect his escape because his blasted sword wouldn't co-operate.

"Here I am," whined Stormbringer, "most powerful weapon in the universe, and you just want to use me to cut open a door."

* * *
* * *

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